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For Public Interest

To avoid any confusion with our past and present customers…

We would like to inform you that we have absolutely NO legal or trading affiliation, link or business connection with any other local company trading with a similar name. We specialise in roofing only…

To verify our business identity, we hold full public (£1 Million) and employers liability (£10 Million) insurance which covers all roofing work including hot works (Insurance to cover us using flame equipment on your property)

75% of roofers do NOT carry any liability insurance at all due to rising costs, we will provide you with a copy of our insurance should you request it, but choosing an uninsured contractor to carry out hot roofing works on your property could be the biggest mistake you will ever make.


You can verify our policy using the link below:

Simply Business - Roofer Public Liability

Simply Business – Roofer Public Liability

Public Liability : £1,000,000
Employers Liability : £10,000,000

View our policy details


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